If Man Obeyed God?

Ok, so I have just watched this video:

I might not agree with its views, but I have to admit that it is very funny indeed. However, it does raise some great points.

This video is a live example on how religious books might not have been meant to be taken literally. You are not bound to what your holy book LITERALLY says, unless you want to shut-off your logic portal. You rather interpret the meaning and analyze the metaphors to derive lessons.

Let’s put the concept of blasphemy aside and ask with an open mind: What is God? Does God need to be seen as a physiologically human-like entity? What if God is an energy? What if God is a fundamental mathematical formula that runs our universe?  What if God is within us and within everything? Is God a mean for us to spiritually connect with everything around us? Would God exist without a purpose?

I did some research and I saw that, to my surprise, a lot of people have been talking about this and attributing it to many theories worth deliberating. I’m digging into the ‘fundamental mathematical formula’ theories at this time.

Here’s an idea: If God wanted humanity to have a holy book that would  last for thousands of years (or more), would that book contain literal information? The obvious answer is No. Societies are always changing; what literally applies at one time will not apply in the other. It’s time we take the historical context into consideration and look into the metaphors.

That’s the way I see it, at least. Any thoughts?

Q. What is God? Does It have a form or look like paintings of God that we see?
M. Like Michelangelo’s God! No, this is his God, it is Michelangelo’s God. You want to see what God looks like? Who is it who asked this question? Please raise your hand. I will show you immediately. You? Look behind you, your neighbors in front, to your right and left, that is what God looks like. Alright, you are satisfied? God said, “God made man in His own image.” So if you want to find God, look at your neighbors. Each one of us houses God inside. So see through the physical wall and then you will find God in yourself and in each other. So treat each other as God, and then you will see how much different life is day after day’. Source

Hmm, I hope Sheikh Assir would give these thoughts some time.


3 thoughts on “If Man Obeyed God?

  1. I wrote a huge comment in response to your post but somehow it wasn’t published. So in a shorter reply to the above, if there is a god, and he is everything the books say he is, and man did do everything his god told him to do, then earth would be heaven on earth. But my dear Mokh, the world of today is starving, killing, kidnapping, raping, stealing, burning,….. so if there is really a god then either we offended him or we have a wrong notion of him. Cause any god that allows what is happening to happen is not the nice god all the books spoke of….

    • Hmm, interesting. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      I remember someone asking that same question to our bible teacher back in high school. His reply was basically about how God gave humanity ‘free will’ after showing what is right, and so we are free to do whatever we want under that.

      I understand your points; they are valid. I personally think that we have to look into the image of God. Is God someone who would enforce good on earth? or is God just the path towards good on earth? I believe that we have been clinging to an inaccurate image of God all along.

      (And by God I do not mean the mainstream commercial God that just wants us to pray to Him – I think we need to open up to more theories and scrutiny)


      • I personally think the new image of god is you and me and the kids we raise in today’s world. It’s being kind to others, civilized, respectable, adventurous, and all that moses tried to engrave in a message that would last forever. But how can you teach 7.2 billions that god is just a message to make our short experience on earth a good one instead of letting loose the evil hulks that we all have hidden inside us….
        We need to be good. This is god….

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