Daily Life

One Business Meeting at T-Marbouta..

I’m sitting in T-Marbouta’s library in Hamra. A woman and two men are sitting in front of me. They’re having what looks like a business meeting. The woman has a westernalized Egyptian accent; the men are Lebanese. The woman is arguing with one of them while the other watches.

Woman: “I can’t imagine this is how you deal with that situation. What would you do if you have your own company? Huh? Huh?”

Man (sitting in a careless manner, while playing with his phone): “You’re always mean..”

Woman: “Me? MEAN? HAHAHA! Just give me one example on how I was mean to you, or to anyone. One example!”

Man: “Ummm… In general.. like how you talk..”

Woman: “Define mean anyways!  You’re just a lost soul, you don’t even know what to do!”

Man: “You’ve asked me to be honest and I am being honest. Do you want me to lie to you? I find you as a mean person.”

Woman (raises her tone): “Okay. I find you as an unproductive person.”


Woman: “You’ve said that you don’t agree with our style, then why are you in this company anyways?”

Man: “I’m in it because it opens other opportunities in the future.. I wanna develop..”

Woman: “Look. Carlos needs money, and you need money, we ca-”

Man: “WHAT? Hehehe, yeah right. Carlos needs money? His brothers and sisters all have yachts, and he has tons of money..”

Woman: “… How many times have you talked to Carlos?”

Man: “Twice.”

Woman: “SEE! You don’t get to judge without checking. He told me that he needs money through his own tongue!”

Man #2: “I think you guys have a misunderstanding on the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. The guy ‘wants’ money; he would survive without it so he doesn’t ‘need’ it.”

Woman: “Like yeah. I meant need as in want. Not that much of a difference anyways. I know him. You don’t know what you want! You don’t even want to develop and fix yourself!”

Man: “I’m free.”

Woman: “Why are you here?”

Man: “I’m just wasting your time..”

Woman: “You’re wasting your time as-well! I don’t know what to tell you. I really don’t. Like, we should work in.. (speaks for two minutes, nothing interesting)”

Man: “OK. We should leave to our houses.. It’s eight already.”

Woman: “Yallah..”

*Man leaves, others stay*

Man #2: “He looked like he wasn’t communicating well with you from the beginning, you didn’t need to go through an hour-long conversation about this.”

Woman: “What other choice do I have?”

We always have choices. Whether we go for something unproductive that just feeds our pride and ego, getting us nowhere, or whether we compromise and show some human emotion, making progress, is a choice.

I’m not an expert, but the pointless drama I’ve just witnessed makes me lose hope in humanity. We can be so much more than this.

Until then,


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