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The Reasons Why: LAU Byblos is not AUB

Because we say we are secular, while we exclusively celebrate Christmas with extravagant religious decorations and songs all over campus – without celebrating any other religious ceremonies,

Because we did not count blank votes in the student council elections, and equated the people who voted blank with people who did not vote  – despite the presence of observers,

Because we do not have any independent (non-neutral) student clubs/organizations that are involved with the student council and students’ rights,

Because we let numerous Gaza massacres come without the administration even allowing a simple minute of silence to take place on campus – unlike what LAU-Beirut and AUB did,

Because we pay extra attention to mainstream majors (Biology, engineering, etc.) while not nearly giving some other majors enough attention,

Because our library has a noise level that’s higher than the cafeteria’s, while being way smaller,

Because we have a Guidance Office that roadblocks any strong student-run initiative that could possibly be disagreeable (aid to people affected by the Achrafieh bombing, aid to Syrian refugees, etc.),

Because we do not have an official student-run university newsletter,

Because our college wireless connection still blocks

LAU, a secular university, celebrates Christmas with beautiful decorations, but does not celebrate any other religious holidays.

LAU, a secular university, celebrates Christmas with beautiful decorations, but does not decorate on any other religious holiday.

I do love LAU Byblos (Lebanese American University – Byblos Campus). It has given me numerous opportunities for personal growth and learning. However, I do believe that there still are opportunities to change. Some students are still trying to endorse positive change despite negative responses. These thoughts are subjective and personal, not results of a formal thorough study. This is my opinion and how I see things. You might have yours. Hopefully, they’d spark some constructive thoughts within this community.

P.S.: My purpose is not to glorify AUB (American University of Beirut) while de-glorifying LAU. LAU has some great advantages in other areas (admissions, outreach, etc.). AUB is not perfect as-well and has several problems (tuition, corruption, etc.). The reason behind me mentioning AUB is its clear superiority in the above stated points.

P.P.S.: I love celebrating the holiday season. The decorations we have are simply breathtaking. However, LAU’s selectivity in this issue is unfair towards other religious holidays (Ramadan, etc.), which we do not recognize on campus.

Hoping for some positivity and established improvements. Until then..


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