The Muhammad Movie: A Message to the Protesters

It’s a sad truth. The death of an innocent man in KFC (Tripoli, Lebanon)  today added to the growing list of deaths of innocent people because of barbaric outrages against the US government (and sometimes KFCs) all around the Arab world.

Burning of KFC in Tripoli

Burning of KFC in Tripoli – September 14th 2012

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t support this movie or agree with its message in any way, but there are some ground rules every Arab who is trying to “support” prophet Mohammed should be aware of:

1- WHO IS OUR ENEMY, WHOM SHOULD WE KILL? For starters, let’s assume that doing violent acts supports the prophet and makes him very happy and proud of us. Whom are we targeting?

  • Is it the government of the United States? No. Since the government did NOT order the making of this movie, nor did it support it in any way. The government cannot arrest the makers of this movie since they are protected by the American Bill of Rights, which protects “freedom of speech” as long as it does not directly offend a person – keep in mind that religion, a philosophical idea, is not a person. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said that the movie is disgusting and does not relate to the US government in any way. US authorities are investigating the producers of the movie as part of the investigation concerning the  recent death of the US diplomats in Libya.
  • Are the actors of the movie responsible? No. The actors have said that the script that was given to them was called “Desert Warriors” and did not include the name ‘Mohammed’ in any way. The name was dubbed-in by the director later on (you can sometimes see the actors mouthing something else when the name comes up). The actors feel deceived and that ridiculing Islam was not their intention.

The YouTube channel by the name of “Sam Bacile

  • Are the American people responsible? No. America is a huge country, and Americans were not aware of the movie being produced. The fact that one person abused his freedom of speech does not make the whole population pay for his actions.
  • Is KFC responsible? No. Franchises in Lebanon are mostly owned by Lebanese locals who want to start businesses. They are in no way related to the US government. These institutions employ our youth, and pay taxes. The money collected as Franchise Fees is paid to the KFC headquarters, and NOT to the US government or to the director of this movie. (Seriously?)
  • WHO THE HELL IS RESPONSIBLE? It’s not-so complicated. The director/producers of the movie ARE responsible. There have been conflicting news on whom that person is. He identified himself as Sam Bacile (Name of the YouTube channel aswell), who said that he was an Israeli with an American citizenship and with a $5 million budget funded by some Jews. There are some rumors saying that this person is a Coptic Christian (even though the Coptic Christian Church condemned the movie) and he has Egyptian roots. American authorities later suggested that this name was an alias, and the real person funding the project is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who also denied that he was the head producer, although there are some solid leads that suggest that he’s responsible. You can read the full stories online via numerous news agencies.

LONG STORY SHORT: The responsible person(s) are individuals currently living (in hiding) in the United States, with news suggesting significant  funding by some Israeli Jews.

A protester in India burns an American flag – Reuters


No. It’s a long topic that requires a discussion (maybe in another blog post). For now, keep in mind that:

”You may fight “in the cause of God” against those who attack you, but do not aggress. God does not love the aggressors.” – The Holy Quran – 2:190

For more information, you can find a good article about true Islamic teachings and behavior here.

It’s a shame that such a low-budget production succeeded in enforcing the bad/inaccurate image about Islam and the prophet as a whole to true Muslims all around the world.

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